About FMCG

With an extensive local distribution network, Boushahri Group provides producers of world renowned Fast Moving Consumer Goods the highest standard of representation in Kuwait due to the division’s innovative management systems, knowledge in the distribution field as well as its prime focus on clients’ requirements and needs. The division’s progressiveness has maximized its efficiency, effectiveness and greatly improved its information systems, thus solidifying the mutual trust it shares with its clients as well as providing the general public with international quality brands that are available throughout all distribution channels across the country.


Equipped with a modern fleet that ensures timely deliveries of goods and a competent ability to manage any size volume, Boushahri Group’s wide distribution network seamlessly reaches Kuwait’s major trade channels including the following:

-       Supermarkets and hypermarkets

-       Cooperative societies and branches

-       Grocery stores

-       HoReCa: Hotels, restaurants and cafeterias

-       Home deliveries through Room Service (link: www.roomserviceq8.com)


With a wide-ranging brand portfolio that includes beverages, snacks, personal and healthcare products as well as beauty appliances, Boushahri Group’s FMCG Division range of globally renowned quality brands highlights the successful implementation of strategic planning and unified operations. Click on any of the below brands to know more about their offerings:


  • Red Bull

    Red Bull Energy Drink

    Known to give its consumers wings, Red Bull is an energy drink that was created in Austria and has now become the most popular drink the world due to its unique taste and energizing ingredients.



    From the fruity pleasure that Happy Day beverages bring to the child-friendly Yippy, Rauch is one of the few companies that carries out the entire juice making process starting from the fruit to the package. Other Rauch beverages include Cafemio, Nativa and Ice Tea.

  • Spera


    The Austrian juice maker offers delightful, chemical-free beverages including white and red grape.

  • Acqua Eva

    Acqua Eva

    Enjoy the purest Italian mineral water that rises from the highest natural spring in Europe on the Monviso Mountain that peaks at 2,042 meters above sea level.

  • Baby Eva

    Baby Eva

    With a low content of sodium, Baby Eva provides the purest forms of Italian mineral water for the wellbeing and health of every baby.

  • Gerolsteiner


    The naturally sparkling German mineral water with volcanic origins comes with a pure and well-balanced nature due to the rich level of minerals it contains.



  • Snyder’s of Hanover

    Snyder’s of Hanover

    Snyder’s of Hanover: America’s favorite pretzel brings you the crunchiest assortment of baked pretzels.

  • La Mole

    La Mole

    Using top of the line quality raw materials have established the Italian company La Mole as the beloved provider of the freshest array of baked breadsticks and Crosti’s toasted bread.

  • Magic Pop

    Magic Pop

    A premium microwavable popcorn brand hailing from France.

  • Top of the Pop

    Top of the Pop

    From original to cheese infused flavors, Top of the Pop brings the most delicious microwavable popcorn to your home.

  • Day by Day

    Day by Day

    Enriched with raw materials of the highest quality and void of hydrogenated fats, preservatives and OGM, Day by Day cereal bars contain the vitamins, minerals and other nutritious elements that contribute to overall wellness and physical harmony.

  • Devon


    A market leader in the Maltese Islands, Devon’s extensive range of biscuits include Digestive, Digestive Light, Cream Crackers and more beloved delights.

  • Crix


    Crix offers a range of baked, gluten-free crunchy crisps that come in three flavors including cheese, peanut and mild chili.

  • Manner


    “Chocolate for everyone!”

    That was Josef Manner’s big dream when he founded the pink confectionery dynasty in 1890. Ever since, sweet delicacies are produced in the heart of Vienna according to the finest original recipes. And why did the Manner Wafers start to conquer the world from there?

    Very simple: Manner – you just like it!



Personal & Healthcare Products

  • Septona


    Founded in Greece, Septona has become one of the largest and most successful manufacturers of cotton personal hygiene products in the world.

  • Revlon


    A global leader in the world of beauty, the internationally known Revlon brings the widest assortment of beauty products including fragrances, makeup, hair color as well as beauty tools and brushes.

  • Veet


    The perfect and most practical way to remove unwanted hair on virtually all skin types, Veet’s hair removal products have become a household item for the woman of today.

  • Scholl Wellbeing

    Scholl Wellbeing

    The trusted brand has branched out to include a high quality line of beauty and massage products that include pedicure and manicure products as well as massage treatments.

  • Scholl Foot Care

    Scholl Foot Care

    From foot care to footwear, Scholl has been providing consumers with a comprehensive and innovative range of solutions for the last 100 years solely to soothe the soles of every consumer’s feet.

  • Pearl Drops

    Pearl Drops

    One of the UK’s leading whitening tooth polishers, Pearl Drops restores teeth’s whiteness and brightens smiles with its gentle stain removal treatment.

  • Femfresh


    A leading feminine hygiene brand hailing from the UK, Femfresh has been helping women around the world stay fresh with its wide range of personal hygiene products.

  • Restoria


    Growing from humble beginnings in the 1950’s, the Australian company has become one of the leading and highly respected gray hair removal products in the market with a network that includes over 65 countries around the globe.

  • MedisanaMedisana Healthcare, Medical Devices & Home Appliances

    A leading home healthcare specialist, Medisana continuously develops, manufactures and markets healthcare products to help people monitor their own state of health by treating themselves without risk and to practice beauty care in a professional manner.

  • Just for Men

    Just for Men

    With a wide range of hair, moustache and beard coloring products, Just for Men provides men of all ages the perfect solution to look good and feel great.

  • Pedag


    Crafted in Germany, Pedag’s handmade foot insoles and inserts are made of high quality natural materials that provide any foot condition with the best relief and support.


Beauty Appliances

  • Vidal Sassoon

    Vidal Sassoon

    From a vast array of hair products to professional hairstyling tools, Vidal Sassoon offers a broad range of hair and beauty solutions including hair dryers and straighteners, hair clippers and more solely for the modern woman.

  • Toni & Guy

    Toni & Guy

    Starting at the forefront of hair fashion, Toni & Guy has extended its hair care know-how to a rich portfolio of electrical hair tools.