What We Stand For

Our Vision

Throughout the years, Boushahri Group has grown and changed while its vision has endured and guided the Group in every achievement and triumph it celebrated. While its vision is grounded in being the market leader in consumable products, Boushahri Group’s prime focal point is aimed at making a true difference in people’s lives, enabling individuals to flourish through their improved quality of living owing to the Group’s superior products and services. By putting people first, Boushahri Group has succeeded in fostering a strong culture of trust and experience within its walls and in turn, achieved positive results with its varied customer base due to its people-centric outlook.


Our Mission

With an innate passion for progress, Boushahri Group is committed to building and maintaining long-term value for its employees and customers alike with its passionate dedication to excellence, quality and a disciplined management scheme that guides a competitive advantage in a dynamically challenging market.


Our Values

All of Boushahri Group’s achievements are determined by the skills, personal integrity, trust and dedication of its employees. Due to that, the Group continuously works to provide a challenging, just and rewarding experience for each of its employees thus creating an environment where every empowered individual exceeds expectations and succeeds in making a difference by embracing the corporation’s entrepreneurial spirit that is rooted in teamwork as well as individual initiative. Today, Boushahri Group’s diversified group of employees is encouraged to share, uphold and improve the corporation’s commitment to total quality and success both financially as well as through individual gratification and growth.