Boushahri Gallery

The brainchild of Mr. Jawad Boushahri, the Chairman of Boushahri Group as well as one of Kuwait’s renowned sculptors and supporters of the arts, the celebrated Boushahri Gallery was established in Kuwait in 1982. As one of the oldest private art galleries in the Middle Eastern region, Boushahri Gallery has opened multiple avenues for rising local and internationally acclaimed artists alike, all who have enjoyed the continued success Boushahri Gallery has provided them with. Art lovers constantly flocked to Boushahri Gallery’s doors where artistic brilliance is put on display including exquisite paintings, sculptures, ceramic arts, photographs and many more artistic works.


After carving and sculpting his way throughout his university years in the United States during the late 1960’s, Mr. Boushahri graduated with a Fine Arts degree before pursuing his personal artistic dreams as a freelance artist in Kuwait. As a Member of Kuwait’s Association for Formative Arts, the young Jawad first worked as an art teacher before his ambitions and ceaseless passion for the arts led him to be the Deputy Manager of the Kuwait National Museum. After forming Boushahri Gallery, Mr. Boushahri’s rich and diverse experience in the field of the arts steered his determination towards enriching other fellow artists in Kuwait. Due to that, he broadened Boushahri Gallery’s services to include educational courses, informative seminars and insightful lectures given by prominent local and international artists so as to broaden artists’ knowledge as well as society’s awareness, understanding and appreciation to the infinite realm of art itself. Today, Boushahri Gallery holds a variety of activities to increase artists’ drive and spirit to practice, perfect and pursue their artistic aspirations such as holding creative competitions for budding talents.