Graphic Arts

Due to the growing demand for high quality commercial printing, Boushahri Group created the Graphic Arts Division, a unique and specialized branch that offers a full range of high quality, comprehensive printing products and services that bring imagination to print so as to enhance business’ professional image through cutting-edge printing technologies. The division’s experienced professionals offer an extensive and ever-expanding range of advanced commercial printing services and solutions for multiple stages of the printing process including the following: 

-       Printing plates

o   Fujifilm’s Brillia series offers a comprehensive range of high sensitivity thermal violet CTP plates including processless and low-chemistry plates that have earned an industry-wide name for superior quality, superb on-press performance and reliability. The range of plates include the following:

  • Thermal processless plate
  • Violent low chemistry plate
  • Thermal plate
  • Violet plate
  • Analog plate

-       Plate setter equipment

o   The internal Zanite drum platesetter “Luxel V-8HD” can produce 32 B1 photopolymer plates per hour at 2,400dpi with twin HD-laser, 19 plates an hour with single HD-laser.

-       Printing equipment

o   The Acuity LED 1600 fully incorporates the most innovative technologies of the Fujifilm group, from the uniquely designed LED lamp unit to the high-precision, high-speed inkjet printhead, high-sensitivity UV ink and many other features. Keys to Acuity LED 1600 performance are class-leading productivity of 20m ²/hr, high quality from a wide color gamut and smooth tonal gradations as well as the flexibility to print to a broad range of media up to 13 millimeters thick. Such features provide the keys to produce high value-added promotional tools, thus providing powerful support for expanding businesses into new markets.

-       Lithographic printing inks

-       Pressroom chemicals

-       Indoor inkjet media

o   Our experienced media specialists know what it takes to deliver your business’ message in a professional and attention-grabbing manner. Whether you need advertising for a retail store or restaurant, our indoor inkjet media services provide you with a variety of solutions to communicate your message. Enhance your business’ image and message through an array of diversified services including roll-up banners, wall murals, window displays and much more.

-       Screen printing inks

-       Flexography printing products

-       Masterbatches

o   Our colorists understand the various elements that alter the manner in which colors are observed in plastic application. Our expertise in the realm of coloring thermoplastics offers the uniformity and reliability essential for successful creativity.